Immigration Law Practice Areas

Naturalization and Citizenship

Becoming a U.S. Citizen gives you special rights that you do not have as a Lawful Permanent Resident.  U.S. Citizenship grants you the right to petition for certain family members to immigrate to the United States (such as parents and siblings which you would not be able to petition for as a legal permanent resident), the right to live outside of the United States for as long as you want, and the right to vote. In addition, a United States Citizen cannot be deported from the United States, unlike a lawful Permanent Resident.

I-601 and I-601A Waivers

Sokhn Law provides expert guidance on I-601 and I-601A waivers, based on years of experience helping clients just like you throughout the San Francisco Bay area. We can manage the complicated process for you. You can trust us to have your best interests at heart.

Family and Marriage Visas

Many of us are living in the United States as U.S. citizens or as Lawful Permanent Resident s (LPR), and have immediate relatives living abroad. The provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act provides you with the opportunity to help your loved ones come to this country to live, work, and join you in your life inside the United States. Sokhn Law will give you expert advice regarding your family or marriage visa.

DACA: Deffered Action for Childhood Arrivals

On June 15, 2012, President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would not deport certain DREAM Act–eligible undocumented youth. The Department of Homeland Security is now accepting Deferred Action Applications.  It allows a non-U.S. citizen to temporarily remain in the U.S. with legal immigration status. Sokhn Law will assist you in the analysis, preparation and submission of your Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) application.


For many years, the United States has been a place for people to find refuge from oppression and persecution in their home countries. If you are afraid to return to your native country, you should file for asylum within one year of entering the United States. Sokhn Law can evaluate your case and prepare and submit your asylum application and all supporting documents.

Deportation and Removal Defense

We understand that one of the most frightening experiences you or someone in your family can face is the threat of deportation or removal from the United States. If you are in deportation proceedings, you have the right to be represented by an attorney. Sokhn Law will represent you …

Criminal Activity and Immigration

If you are undocumented or even have a green card and commit a crime, you are at a serious risk if being placed in deportation proceedings. Many crimes will make you inadmissible or deportable from the United States. If you are undocumented or have a green card and are being prosecuted for a crime, it is important to consult with Sokhn Law regarding how a specific conviction can affect your immigration status. If you already have a conviction and are in deportation proceedings already, consult with Sokhn Law to assess how you can defend yourself and protect yourself from deportation.

Motions to Reopen & Appeals

We understand how devastating it can be to lose a case. Depending on the situation, you may be able to appeal, but you will need the help of an experienced law office like Sokhn Law to help you through the process. You have several options, depending on your case, and we can help. Contact us today at our San Jose or San Francisco office. Sokhn Law stands ready to help.

U-Visa (Victims of Crime)

If you have been a victim of a crime, you may be eligible for a U Visa. At Sokhn Law, we will listen to your case, give you an honest assessment and guide you through the whole process.

VAWA (Victims of Domestic Violence)

VAWA (Violence against Women Act) creates a special provision in United States immigration law to protect victims of abuse who are not citizens of the United States.  In cases of domestic violence, US immigration law allows certain victims of abuse who are not citizens to obtain lawful status without having to rely on their abuser to petition for them.  Sokhn Law can help guide you through the process and assist you in successfully preparing your case,

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

If your country of citizenship is undergoing civil war, ongoing conflict or an environmental disaster, the US Government may designate citizens from your country as beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status. At Sokhn Law, we can guide you through the process and ensure that all documents are prepared properly and that all deadlines are met.

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