U-Visa (Victims of Crime)

At Sokhn Law, we understand that if you have been a victim of any type of crime, it can be very frightening and even more terrifying when you are without status in the U.S. We will listen to your case and give you an honest assessment about the legal protection and assistance available to you by the U.S. government.

If you have been a victim of crime, a temporary nonimmigrant visa may be available for you. These nonimmigrant visas are divided into the following three categories:

  • S-visas for victims of organized crime or terrorism.
  • T-visas for victims of human trafficking.
  • U-visas for victims of violent crimes (some common examples include domestic violence, involuntary servitude, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, blackmail, and extortion).

All three of these visa categories allow for a potential stay of three years and the eventual possibility to apply for lawful permanent residence. Consulting with an attorney before seeking one of these visas is highly recommended because each of these visas requires a victim to cooperate in any criminal prosecution

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