“Dina was great, she helped me with my papers. Gave me the exact dates when to file. She reviewed my papers and guided me through the whole process. Her answers are always timely whether by email or phone. And when things didn't go as I thought she was there for me reassuring everything will go smooth. And as of June 22nd I am a U.S. Citizen. Thank you Dina for all your help.”

- Tamara

“Let me start by saying Dina is very nice to deal with, courteous and she takes her time explaining the complicated immigration processes. She makes you feel comfortable, and that your case is her priority. The forms provided were detailed and the list of documents required so concise and clear. She is still helping me with my case and I am full of trust that everything will work smoothly according to her directions. Thanks!”

- Elia

“Two years ago, my wife and I were looking for an attorney who specialized in the field of immigration. We came across Dina, and she was very pleasant when we first spoke to her by phone, as well as in person. We felt quite comfortable with her immediately.  She has been there for us since, and we would highly recommend her. Thanks, Dina.”

- J&F

"Dina is really supportive and care about her clients. She is not doing her job for just money like most of the attorneys I had met. She is there with you step by step to support and assist you like a person who really cares about your situation, like your close friend and family, which really impressed me during the time we were working together in my case. If you are looking for an attorney who cares more than you do about your case, then Dina would be the best choice for you."

- Omer

“I would like to thank Attorney Dina Sokhn for getting my citizenship process go smoothly and assisting my wife with getting her permanent resident card. My wife case is a bit complicated but she has been providing us with excellent advice. Whenever you reach out to her for questions by email or phone, she always gets back to you in a timely manner while giving you the best options. She volunteered to be on-call while coming back to the U.S from our overseas trip, just in case something happened at the port of entry. I can’t be thankful enough for her. I highly recommend her to handle your case.”

- E&R

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